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Learning Wicca, still very much in the broom closet.
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I think I may use this for my year and a day ritual
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stop… heart can’t handle this kind of cuteness

Pagan Pietà. This is breathtaking, and I’d love a print of it.

Now wands are some of the OLDEST magical tools in history. Not a lot of people use them nowadays but I do know that Wiccans tend to use them more. I personally will only use a wand for a very powerful spell or an important ritual, other than that I just use my hands.
Anyways let’s get down to business! 
What you’ll need:
Serrated knife/a saw & a pocket knife (Please use caution! Aim the knife away from you)
A tree of your choice
[OPTIONAL] Metal wire
[OPTIONAL] Pointed Quartz 
[OPTIONAL] 4 (or more) colored string to resemble the elements (Depending on your tradition the colors will change)
[OPTIONAL] Wood glue

Now the first thing you’re going to need to do is find a nice tree that you like. I went with a pine tree cause it’s the only one around (plus pine wood is really nice). 
Next, you need to find a nice thick branch to cut off. Usually the wand should be as thick (or thicker) than your thumb width. After you find the branch, figure out a length. From all the wands I’ve seen, they’re usually as long or slightly shorter than your forearm. 
Now, with your saw or serrated knife, carefully cut the branch. This takes a LOT of time and it can make your arm sore. Usually you can break it off once it’s halfway but I’d suggest cutting it all the way through. Don’t forget to thank the tree! 
Once you have your branch, grab a pocket knife and skin off the bark immediately. Since the branch just had it’s only source of life cut off, the bark will start to dry off and it’s easier to skin off soft bark.
After your branch is skinned, get some sandpaper and sand down the rough spots.

That’s the basic of making your wand. I don’t know all the spells to make the wand magical but, that’s up to y’all.
This next part will be for all the optional items.

After you’ve done all the things above, go to your local Michael’s and buy your traditional colored string or what you think would look best. 
Now you can do whatever you want with the string. You can braid it, make patterns, or just normally tie the colors together. 
After you do that, go buy some easy-to-bend wire. Yes it has to be metal. No it doesn’t matter what type of metal it is. I went with aluminium cause it’s easier to bend then copper. 
If you have a local witch shop (Or any shop that sells crystals), go there with your wand and look for a quartz to fit on the top of your wand. Now some of you are wondering why you’d need quartz in the first place. Clear quartz is an excellent stone for gathering, storing, directing, and transmitting energy, hence why’d you put on on top of your wand. After you buy your quartz, wrap the wire around the top of the wand and the quartz.
Now, you can buy wood glue at Walmart. But why do you need wood glue? For me, I couldn’t get my quartz to stay inside my wire holding, so I used some wood glue to hold it in place. Also it helps keep your wire in place, in case you can’t get it to hold. Now I got monkey glue which is not really a good choice. It foams up 3-4x it’s size and doesn’t look nice. So try using other glues instead!

And that’s it, you made your first wand!
If you guys have anything you want to suggest, don’t be afraid to share! Hope this helps!
- Raven

Resin burner, resin, and crystals from Practical Magick

me doing practice readings while trying to learn a new divination system
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